Non Discrimination Statement 

FLCOE Non-Discrimination Statement 6.2020.pdf

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--August 4th---Registration/Orientation

--August 9th---1st Day of School

Adventist educational institutions believe that true education imparts far more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person—spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional—a process that spans a lifetime. Working together, homes, schools, and churches cooperate to prepare learners to be good citizens in this world and for eternity.



At Tallahassee Adventist Christian Academy, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Our goal is to help your student meet the learning benchmarks for their grade, using the following:


  • Christ-centered Environment
  • Low Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Volunteerism
  • Parental Involvement

Principal Janet Ayala

Tallahassee Adventist

Christian Academy

WORSHIP. Learn. Grow. 

616 Capital Circle NE

​Tallahassee, Florida 32301